Casa Dei Sogni

Bed and Breakfast in a traditional Sicilian Village

Verdura Golf & Spa Resort

Enjoy a game of golf at the Vendura golf Sciacca, only a 25min drive away.  The Golf resort is due to open summer 2009 and boast about the two 18 championship courses aswell as a 9 hole course. Also at the resort you can enjoy spa treatments.  Prices and more information will be posted shortly..

Food And Drink

Take a trip to the local pizzaria, believe me you wont be dissapointed when you get your hands on one of these, and you have to try the local Red wine. Price Range for a meal for two £15





You have not tasted Red wine until you drink the fantastic homemade wine that is on offer (Thats of course if you can handle the strong stuff)






You dont get large water melons like these from no where. If the Pasta, steak, chicken, fish has not filled you up then this Juicy Water Melon will.




Salad and Fruit, all of which are organic and served fresh.






Sicily has so many beautifull beaches to offer. Located about 20min drive from the village. Facility include water sports, pedalos, volleyball. Why not enjoy some sicilian cuisine on the beach. A perfect spot to relax and forget about all your worry's. 



Swimming Pool

If the beach is not your tast or you fancy a change then why not visit the pool. It has great views of sciacca's coast.




Visit the town of sciacca. This town is about 20min drive from the village and is ideal for shopping for your gifts. This is town is more of tourists and gets busy during the day. Or why not take a stroll to the beach.


Where ever you go in sicily you will always bump in to some kind of market where they sell things from fresh fish to clothes. Get youself a bargain on jewlery, these markets are great for haggling.

Horse and carriage

If by all the heat and food, feeling to tired to explore around, then you can always jump on one of these for 1hr, it will take you around all that is to explore in the heart of Palermo.

Agrigento Temples